Bari, Italy | Seville, Spain | Athens, Greece

    Ctrl CE is a collaborative touring exhibition and publication that investigates the travel of sixteen European architects to New York City as a cross-pollination of Europe and Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. The exhibition took part in Seville (Spain), Bari (Italy), Bruxelles (Belgium), and Athens (Greece).
    Ctrl CE consists of: Camila Aybar, Omer Barr, Maria Borrell, Joao Fernandes Cardoso, Styliani Daouti, Samuel Dufaux, Pilar Echezarreta, Mathieu de Genot de Niukerken, Amit Mandelkern, Gregory Martinez de Riquelme, Pierpaolo Martiradonna, David Menicovich, Enrique Moya-Angeler, Santiago Romero, Maria Stefanidis, Michela Tonus.

  • XV Pan-American Biennial

    Quito, Ecuador

    A Ctrl CE group collaboration presented as an installation at Plaza de San Fransicso in Quito (Ecuador) under the framework of the "XV Bienal Panamericana de Arquitectura de Quito".

  • Architecture as Art

    Madrid , Spain

    A group exhibition displayed in Madrid and Barcelona under the title of Imagined Spaces: Architecture as Art by Emerging New York Architects, exploring the complex relationship between architecture and the artistic expression.

  • First House

    Zezeze Gallery, Tel-Aviv

    Syracuse University, NY
  • Off the Grid

    TimeOut Tel-Aviv

    link to article (page 36 - hebrew)

  • Young Israeli Firms Abroad

    Binyan VeDiur Magazine

    link to article (hebrew)

  • 40/40 Architecture Exhibition

    An Exhibition of 40 Architects under 40

  • archdaily

    Nature Museum
  • Green Prophet

  • Digital Grafitti on SAF

    link to article (Hebrew)

  • The Marker

    40 most promising professionals under 40

    Tel Aviv University Building
  • Domus Design Ukraine

    Tel Aviv University Building

    Tel Aviv University Faculty of Management Building

  • Beyond Media Festival

    Florence, Italy

    A video projection exhibited at the annual Media Festival. The festival promotes a dialogue between the world of architectural production and the larger universe of communication. it provides a rich variety of perspectives to compose a heterogeneous view on the practices of media and their relation to the world of design and architecture. The festival was held at the prestigious location of Brunelleschi's Ospedale degli Innocenti in Florence.

  • Art of Digital Show

    Los Angeles, USA

    Video work presented at The Art of Digital Show - a world-class international exhibition featuring all forms of digital art  and exhibited at the Lyceum Theatre in Los-Angeles. Curated by Neal Benezra, Director of SFMOMA.

  • Studio profile

    xnet Magazine
  • Archijob Interview


    Interview with Omer & Amit regarding parametric methodology:
    link to article